The People's Hospital of Leshan held a grand celebration of the 35th Teachers' Day

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On the occasion of the 35th Teachers’ Day, we set up an academic exchange platform to improve the academic research level of our faculty. On the afternoon of September 5th, the hospital held a grand academic exchange competition for clinical teachers and an excellent teacher recognition conference in the academic hall. Jin Feng, the deputy secretary of the party committee, Jiang Ping, the secretary of the discipline inspection commission, Rong Rong, the deputy President, the director of clinical medical technology department, the head nurse and backbone teachers of nearly 250 people attended the conference.

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At the meeting, Jin Feng, the deputy secretary of the party committee of the hospital, on behalf of the hospital, extended festival greetings and sincere greetings to the teachers and teaching administrators working hard in the front line. He said that education is the cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress. It is a political and moral project that will benefit both the present and the future. Therefore, he put forward three expectations to the whole faculty, “Protect health and keep in mind the significance of education. Serve for health and adhere to moral education. By focusing on health and improving the quality of teaching, we can better meet the needs of Healthy China.”

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Later, in the academic exchange competition for clinical teachers, 14 participating medical staff won cheers for their excellent presentation of papers, fluent English expression and excellent oral defense. Participants expressed that the competition was novel and interesting. After intense competition, the competition finally selected 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, 8 excellent awards.

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In recent years, the hospital has been driving on the fast track of modern general hospital. For our construction as "Domestic advanced. First-class in the province" modern general hospital, proceed with the "international medical service project" construction, promote international medical service ability, is in line with the international tourism, create the language learning atmosphere, the competition first attempt to bilingual hosts (Mandarin and English) and academic exchanges. This not only provides a better platform for young medical staff to display, but also prepares the hospital for talent reserve.

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After the competition, the representatives of standardized training students performed the bilingual poetry recitation of "Farewell to Cambridge" in order to express their gratitude and respect to the teachers.

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Subsequently, Lei Zehua, the director of the excellent teaching manager surgical base, and Xu Rui, the head nurse of the endocrinology department, shared their teaching management experience, encouraging young teachers to explore and innovate in teaching work, and jointly promoting the collaborative development of medical teaching and research in the hospital. In the end, the congress praised the excellent teaching management and excellent teachers' funds in 2019, aiming to set a benchmark, call on all staff of the hospital to take advanced as an example, love their posts and work hard, constantly improve the teaching level, and cultivate more successors for hospitals and regional medical undertakings.

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On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we wish all teachers Happy Teachers’ Day!


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